Module 3.6: The Tech Commandments (Non-Technical Founders)

June 25, 2024 3 mins read

There has never been a better time to be a non- technical lone wolf founder; with an abundance of tools to assist you on what you don’t know. With that… comes the responsibility to understand what’s happening in the engine room. Blindly delegating tech decisions doesn’t make you non- technical; it makes you negligent.

This module asks questions to assist non-technical founders in their journey to become confident technical decision-makers. It enables founders to have a seat at the technical table, ask the right questions, and accelerate the delivery of epic products.

What’s Inside:

  1. Think: Define your product’s purpose and how it will be built, including product vision, feature roadmap, and user-centricity.
  2. Build: Understand the technical choices that shape your product, from API-first design to security considerations.
  3. Deliver: Ensure your product is high-quality, compliant, and delights users through proper development processes and observability.
  4. Tech Considerations: Key areas non-technical founders cannot outsource, including product architecture, leveraging existing solutions, planning for growth, and prioritizing security.

Download the Tech Commandments workbook and start building your technical acumen to drive your startup’s success.

Tech Commandments, Download the template

Access the Tech Commandments workbook:

    Why Founders Should Care:

    • Feeling out of your depth when discussing technical decisions with your team?
    • Worried about making costly mistakes due to a lack of technical understanding?
    • Want to accelerate your product development and improve overall quality?

    The Tech Commandments module helps you:

    1. Articulate your product vision and roadmap clearly to align your technical team.
    2. Make informed decisions about your tech stack, architecture, and development processes.
    3. Understand and mitigate technical debt and security risks from the start.
    4. Implement effective quality assurance, deployment, and observability practices.

    What You’ll Learn:

    • How to create a clear product vision and feature roadmap that prioritizes core value delivery.
    • The advantages of API-first design and how to leverage existing solutions (COTS) to accelerate development.
    • Key considerations for choosing your tech stack and designing a scalable architecture.
    • Best practices for implementing security measures and ensuring compliance from day one.
    • Techniques for tracking progress, defining “done,” and implementing effective QA and testing processes.
    • Strategies for improving your deployment pipeline and implementing robust observability.

    By completing this module, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to actively participate in technical discussions, make informed decisions, and drive your startup’s technical strategy. You’ll learn to balance short-term gains with long-term scalability, prioritize security and user experience, and implement processes that accelerate your ability to ship high-quality code. Most importantly, you’ll understand that as a founder, your technical acumen directly impacts your ability to deliver an epic product and achieve startup success.

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