Module 3.7: The Golden Handshake (The First 8 Minutes)

June 30, 2024 3 mins read

How users arrive, onboard, and engage with your application isn’t a customer success afterthought—it’s the foundational pillar of user-centricity. Create an experience so compelling that users can’t help but become advocates.

This module helps founders understand that the first 8 minutes of user life is the golden handshake. Your first impression sets expectations and determines whether a prospect converts. How you build is how you sell.

What’s Inside:

  1. Sourcing & First Impressions: Create a clear call-to-action and minimalist landing page that instantly communicates your offering.
  2. Frictionless Entry: Implement one-field signup, social auth options, and progressive profiling to eliminate barriers.
  3. Orientation & Contextualization: Provide an intuitive product tour with context-aware UI hints and personalized dashboard setup.
  4. First Active Engagement: Design an intuitive workflow with one-click core actions and contextual tool suggestions.
  5. Value Realization: Deliver instant ROI through one-click value reports and intuitive dashboards.
  6. Next Steps & Continued Value: Offer easy feature expansion and frictionless upgrade paths to solidify long-term engagement.

Download The Golden Handshake workbook and start engineering an experience, not just a product.

The Golden Handshake (aka The First 8 Minutes), Download the template

Access the Golden Handshake workbook:

    Why Founders Should Care:

    • Struggling with user adoption and engagement despite having a solid product?
    • Experiencing high bounce rates or low conversion rates on your landing pages?
    • Want to create a product experience that turns users into advocates from day one?

    The Golden Handshake module helps you:

    1. Design a frictionless onboarding experience that delivers instant value to users.
    2. Implement contextual assistance and progress amplification to guide users to their “aha” moment.
    3. Create a seamless flow from first impression to active engagement and value realization.

    What You’ll Learn:

    • Techniques for creating a compelling first impression that instantly communicates your value proposition.
    • Strategies for eliminating friction points in the signup and onboarding process.
    • Methods for personalizing the user experience and providing context-aware guidance.
    • Approaches for demonstrating immediate ROI and tangible benefits to users.
    • Frameworks for gamifying the onboarding process and celebrating user milestones.
    • Tactics for encouraging continued engagement and unlocking advanced value for users.

    By completing this module, you’ll gain the insights and tools needed to engineer a user experience that goes beyond mere functionality. You’ll learn to create a golden handshake – a seamless, delightful introduction to your product that sets the stage for long-term user engagement and advocacy. Most importantly, you’ll understand that user-centricity isn’t just about features, it’s about crafting every interaction to deliver value, eliminate friction, and exceed user expectations from the very first click.

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