Module 1.9: The 5 Pillars

March 12, 2024 2 mins read

Founders’ obsession with speed is akin to a squirrel on espresso – hyperactive and directionless. You don’t want speed, you want velocity: momentum in the right direction. For founders, before the user journey, before the wireframes, before the before, comes the 5 pillars of the user journey. 

Every unnecessary barrier, every overlooked user need, is a missed opportunity to win (to convert). The gold is converting the beans already in your funnel, vs finding new beans to hid your failures.

Iterating your solution in your head through critical thinking is free. The more you go through it, repeat it, visualize it, think about it, talk about it, the more you do before you do, asking why to literally everything, the more likely you are to build into value.

Just get the user to the destination as clean and clear as humanely possible, that’s it.

The 5 Pillars: Onboarding, Data In, Product Value, Output, and Measurement – are the foundations of the user journey. A chance to evaluate your app’s purpose, impact, and success metrics at every stage to the right and left of your solution. Clarity before you drill.

SU001.9 The 5 Pillars aka Empathetic Thinking by James Sinclair

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    Just ask whether every feature, every step, every gate, every requirement genuinely serves the user or merely satisfies a perceived internal need. Are you truly user-centric, or are you projecting your own assumptions onto your users?

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