Module 1.8: The Minimum Delightful Product (MDP)

March 05, 2024 2 mins read

With coding democratized and specialized tools at your disposal, there’s no excuse not to transform users into passionate advocates from day one.

Gone(ish) are the days of “launch fast, fix later” or bare-bones Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Users today have low tolerance for clunky interfaces, frustrating experiences, or lackluster support. Why can’t we exceed expectations from the first interaction? This is the era of Minimum Delightful Product (MDP).

Think of this workbook as a series of questions that it’s only reasonable for you to have answers to…

SU0018 The Minimum Delightful Product aka Creating Delight by James Sinclair

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    This focus on user delight is the foundation to achieving product-market fit (PMF), where your product truly resonates with your target audience, and facilitates product-led growth (PLG), where the product itself drives user acquisition and engagement.

    Think of it like the Japanese concept of quality:

    • Atarimae hinshitsu: Things work as expected.
    • Miryokuteki hinshitsu: But they should also have an aesthetic quality, a delightful surprise.

    The “minimum” part is still crucial. You need a foundation to figure out if you’re heading in the right general direction. The question is; Minimum to whom….

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