Module 1.7: Solution First Glance aka Reality Check

February 27, 2024 1 min read

As a founder, never lose sight of what you’re here to do. Strip everything back to that one critical feature your app or service must-execute flawlessly aka the job to be done. Then, reverse-engineer the path to achieving it, pinpointing the must-haves to make it happen.

The Solution Reality Check sets the stage by exploring essential questions about your solution—identifying what must be executed flawlessly and the conditions necessary for progress. This foundational understanding then guides the transition into a SWOT analysis, where these core themes are examined within the broader market context, ensuring your strategic planning is both introspective and market-aware.

Think of this workbook as a series of questions that it’s only reasonable for you to have answers to…

SU001.7 Solution First Glance aka Reality Check by James Sinclair

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