StartUp Specialists / Community Opportunities

Are You A SME, KOL or StartUp Specialist, Generalist, or Lucky & Successful Then Come Pay It Forward...

Expert Session (Paid)

Are you a specialist that would like to deliver a course, interactive live session or other value add to the community?

Channel Expert (Paid)

Are you a domain specialist? If so, become a channel host to create content, answer questions, host live sessions and deliver your knowledge at scale.

Community Developer (Paid)

Help build the community across all digital channels, cross-promotion and creation of in-person. or other focused events.

Channel Specialist

A community specialist is the owner of a channel inside of the platform. As the host of the channel you are expected to be able to deliver 7 hours per week to the community and deliver the following:
  • Availability to answer questions (async) and move popular questions into a resource, FAQ or companion video.
  • Work with your Channel Moderator so he/she understands how you deliver your responses and content so they can triage your requests.
  • Deliver a weekly AMA or similar session to enable your channel to ask questions live. It should be in a reasonable time zone so all participants can enjoy, or you should alternate each week to ensure global coverage.
  • Build up a portfolio of content to help new joiners to your channel and scale your learning and knowledge. This might include building a workflow to welcome, engage and drive value to community members as an onboarding routine.
  • Ensure your channel has activity, excitement and value. If you are not able in conjunction with your channel moderator to deliver a brilliant experience for the users, you will be asked to move to a generalist role.
  • You are not required to, but if you do offer 1-1 coaching, it will be booked via the StartUp To ScaleUp page.
Payment. All channel owners see a base monthly pay of $7,500 and another monthly $5,000 is performance based pay defined by the community. You will be required to sign a series of documents, that as you might expect, limit your ability to be awful, but do not limit your ability to compete. As in, all transactions stay on platform, no direct contact for sales or marketing, no subscription to your lists, no upsells, no trying to steal all the users, no being shitty. Its $150,000 for 28hrs (at most) of easy, no research, few deliverables, all off the top of your head knowledge sharing, if you don't think thats equitable, we don't think this is the right place for you. You can bring your own channel moderator if you want. The purpose of the role is to triage your time, keep members engaged and be a helpful sherpa for the members on their journey. Yes. This community cannot be a secret side gig (unless we have agreed in advance) and you will be expected to add that you are a Specialist in the community to your LinkedIn and engage in limited marketing activities. The entire purpose of the community is to over deliver value at every step to the community members, so much so, that you should be proud of the work you do here. If this is you. DM me on LinkedIn.