2024 StartUp SaaS Tech Stack

A listing of some of the more popular tools that SaaS founders are adding to their stack to accelerate the functionality you should not be building.

cello.soCello is the easiest way to add a referral program for users and affiliates to any SaaS product in hours. Turn users into your most valuable growth channel.
posthog.comThe single platform to analyze, test, observe, and deploy new features. Product analytics, session replay, feature flags, A/B testing, data warehouse, CDP, surveys.
merge.devMerge is one API to add hundreds of integrations to your product. Merge’s platform makes secure data access easy by offering Unified APIs across key software categories.
clerk.comComprehensive user management. Need more than just a sign-in box? Clerk is a complete suite of embeddable UIs, flexible APIs, and admin dashboards to authenticate and manage your users.
sentry.ioThe only app monitoring platform built for developers that gets to the root cause for every issue. Identify, debug, and resolve.
linear.appMeet the new standard for modern software development. Streamline issues, sprints, and product roadmaps.
incident.ioEnsures entire organizations can seamlessly collaborate and manage incidents without ever leaving Slack.
getphyllo.comEnsure trust and transparency in your platform by verifying the social media identities of your user
brandfetch.comBrandfetch is the home for the world’s brands. Discover the latest logos, colors, fonts and more.
lu.maHost delightful Zoom events. Promote your event, manage attendees, and sell tickets.
encharge.ioNurture, convert, and onboard customers with advanced behavior emails, company profiles, billing integrations, and CRM sync.
getfernand.comThe fastest, calmest support experience for SaaS ever made.
entri.comEntri is the API for custom domains. We make it easy for your application to connect, secure, sell, and power custom domains.
senja.ioA free tool to automate your testimonial and case study collection, manage them all in one place and share them everywhere.