Module 2.6: Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean Strategy (aka Create or Steal)

April 21, 2024 3 mins read

Learn when to compete in crowded waters (Red Ocean) or seek out uncontested market space (Blue Ocean) to maximize your startup’s potential for success.

The Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean module is a strategic framework designed to help startup founders navigate the complex terrain of market competition. It provides a clear understanding of when to dive into the crowded, bloody waters of existing markets (Red Ocean) and when to seek out the calm, uncharted waters of new market spaces (Blue Ocean). By mastering the art of strategic market positioning, you’ll be able to make informed decisions that maximize your startup’s potential for success.

What’s Inside:

  1. The Red Ocean Reality: An in-depth look at the characteristics, challenges, and opportunities of competing in established, highly competitive markets.
  2. The Blue Ocean Opportunity: A comprehensive overview of the benefits, risks, and strategies involved in creating and capturing uncontested market spaces.
  3. The ERRC Framework: A powerful tool for systematically eliminating, reducing, raising, and creating key factors to differentiate your offering and succeed in your chosen market.
  4. Strategic Decision-Making Guide: A step-by-step process for evaluating your startup’s unique circumstances and determining the most viable market approach.

Download the Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean module now and start developing the strategic acumen needed to navigate any market landscape.

Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean, Download the template

Instant access the Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean workbook:

    Why Founders Should Care:

    • Struggling to stand out in a crowded market?
    • Unsure whether to innovate within existing markets or create entirely new ones?
    • Want to make strategic decisions that align with your startup’s strengths and objectives?

    The Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean module helps you:

    1. Understand the dynamics and implications of Red Ocean and Blue Ocean markets
    2. Assess your startup’s unique capabilities and market opportunities
    3. Make informed strategic decisions about where and how to compete

    What You’ll Learn:

    • The key characteristics and challenges of Red Ocean and Blue Ocean markets
    • How to apply the ERRC framework to differentiate your offering and create unique value
    • Strategies for succeeding in highly competitive markets (Red Ocean) and creating new market spaces (Blue Ocean)
    • How to align your market approach with your startup’s strengths, resources, and objectives
    • A systematic process for evaluating market opportunities and making strategic decisions

    By completing this module, you’ll gain the strategic insights and decision-making tools needed to confidently navigate any market landscape and position your startup for maximum impact and growth.

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