Module 3.0: Outcome Driven Design (aka You Have One Job (JTBD))

May 12, 2024 3 mins read

Ensure your product development efforts are laser-focused on achieving the outcomes that matter most to your customers and your business.

The Outcome-Driven Design module helps founders align their product strategy with the core job their customers are trying to get done. By working backwards from the desired outcome, this module enables founders to ruthlessly prioritize features, minimize time to market, and build products that deliver real value to their customers.

What’s Inside:

  1. Outcome-Driven Design Framework: A step-by-step process for defining your product’s core objective, key deliverables, critical processes, data requirements, and onboarding essentials.
  2. Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) Primer: An introduction to the JTBD theory and how it informs the Outcome-Driven Design approach.
  3. Ruthless Prioritization Toolkit: Strategies and templates for focusing your product development efforts on the features that directly contribute to your desired outcome.
  4. Alignment and Clarity Playbook: Techniques for getting your entire team on the same page about what you’re building and why.

Start building your MVP the right way with the Outcome-Driven Design module.

Outcome Driven Design, Download the template

Instant access the Outcome Driven Design (JTBD) workbook:

    Why Founders Should Care:

    • Struggling to decide which features to prioritize for your MVP?
    • Worried about building something that doesn’t actually solve your customers’ problem?
    • Want to get your product to market as quickly as possible without sacrificing value?

    The Outcome-Driven Design module helps you:

    1. Clearly define the core outcome your product must achieve to be successful.
    2. Ruthlessly prioritize features based on their impact on your desired outcome.
    3. Align your entire team around a shared understanding of what you’re building and why.
    4. Minimize time to market by focusing only on what’s essential.

    What You’ll Learn:

    • A framework for defining your product’s key objective, deliverables, processes, data needs, and onboarding.
    • How to apply Jobs-to-be-Done theory to guide your product development decisions.
    • Strategies for saying “no” to features that don’t directly contribute to your core outcome.
    • Techniques for getting your team bought into your product vision and priorities.
    • How to balance speed to market with delivering customer value.

    By completing this module, you’ll gain the tools, frameworks, and mindset you need to build products that nail the outcomes your customers care about most. You’ll learn how to ruthlessly prioritize, move fast without breaking things, and align your team every step of the way. With an Outcome-Driven Design approach, you’ll set your MVP up for success and lay the foundation for a product that drives meaningful results for your customers and your business.

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