Module 3: A Startup’s Guide to Investor Emails (Guide & Template)

January 26, 2024 1 min read

Do It For Yourself Weekly. Your Investors Monthly

The Investor Update module is placed early in your entrepreneurial journey because you are your startup’s first investor and most critical audience. These weekly updates are a powerful tool for self-assessment and planning.

Every Friday, commit to writing this update to yourself. It’s a practice that instills a reliable rhythm and discipline.

It ensures you are intimately familiar with your data and helps you evaluate your weekly progress and set clear goals for the coming week.

This exercise is foundational in developing your skills as a founder. It teaches you the art of communication, the importance of being succinct, and how to accurately gauge the performance of both your company and yourself.

More than that, it brings clarity to your roadmap, helping you navigate the complex journey of building a successful startup with confidence and precision.

SU0014 The Investor Update

Module SU001.4: The Investor Update

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