Earn The Right – StartUp Framework

Module 1: Problem Validation (aka Why Does My StartUp Exist)

Purpose: To rigorously define and validate the core problem your startup aims to solve, ensuring a clear and deep understanding of the issue at hand and its relevance in the market.

Earned Right: Completing this module authorizes you to proceed to the next stage of development. It confirms that the problem is real, significant, and merits a solution. This foundational clarity is crucial for moving forward with confidence and direction in developing a meaningful and viable solution strategy.

SU001.2 Why Does My Startup Exist Problem Validation by James Sinclair

Module 2: Impact Analysis (aka Who Cares)

Purpose: To explore and quantify the broader impact of solving the validated problem, including its effects on customers, the market, and the larger ecosystem.

Earned Right: Successfully completing this module grants the right to explore solution options. It ensures that the startup is positioned not just to solve a problem, but to do so in a way that significantly matters to the market and stakeholders, paving the way for a meaningful and impactful solution.