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Every Sunday, I’ll introduce you to fresh perspectives, innovative theories, and thought-provoking ideas, all designed to stimulate and potentially reshape your thinking. I’ve taken three companies from idea to exit and everything in between. I know exactly how you feel.
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A Game-Changer, Made Me Rethink All My Assumptions.
Excactly the founder I want and need in my corner. Invested in my success.


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James Sinclair

I’m James Sinclair, a 3x Exited Founder (Gaming, DTC, and B2B SaaS), raised over $50mm and now work closely with remarkable entrepreneurs at all stages, from idea to scale.
I collaborate with startups referred from VC firms, accelerators like YC & Techstars, to passionate lone wolf founders making magic happen every day.
Transforming ideas into success, championing underrepresented talent.
Working with incredible founders to convert nothing to something.

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